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The Friday Funnies: Incredible new advances in energy saving biotechnology

January 22, 2010

Our first pick is this new D-20 Remote Sensing Home Alarm System: This system works on a biological technology proven to provide an effective alarm and deterring wannabe intruders. The system is ecologically sensitive and requires no electricity nor batteries containing toxic metals. For a complete discussion go to:
(Photo of Lady R. Cole, Canine, HeronThereFarms)

Photo of Lady R. Cole, Canine, HeronThereFarms

Second pick of the week: The Evapo-tech 200 (TM) is highly efficient and completely solar powered.

The fresh air and sunlight imparts a delightful fragrance to the clothes. No chemical fabric softners or lint collectors needed.
The Evapo-tech (TM) comes 2 varieties; the Spin-Tracker 5.0  (TM)   above right and the Fence Sitter  800 (TM) left.

The current pick of green venture capital firms is a biotechnology first developed by Ovis aries, Inc. This biotech start-up  dropped its patent on
an ultra-ancient non-synthetic fiber known as 370 F-22 (TM).
CEO Melinda Ewe (photo below) announced the move at the recent Fiber and Fabric 2009 EXPO (TM) at New York’s Sheepshead Bay Ram-Mada.
Ms. Ewe said that the firm’s decision “is based on our desire to boost interest and sales of our technology.” Ovis stocks shot up 22 percent following the announcement.

The fiber is woven, knitted or crocheted into mittens, stockings, sweaters (modeled here by crochet artist Claudia Raskin, HeronThere Farms). The amazing insulating properties of the fabric can cut down the wearer’s family heating bill  and carbon footprint.

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