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A must see: Online CBS 60 Minutes: The BP Oil Blowout

May 17, 2010

60 Minutes Exposé

Some of the best investigative journalism ever. Mike Williams, the rig’s chief electrical engineer survived under the most harrowing circumstances imaginable. He now tells What BP, Halliburton, and Transocean Executives never told the Senators this past Tuesday — How BP (weeks behind schedule) in a rush to get the oil ignored critical advice to use safer procedures. For BP, Profits trumped safety, 11 workers lost their lives and what may become one of the worst ecological nightmares in history continues. We also learn that there is another BP time bomb in the Gulf — the Atlantis Rig. Hopefully Mr. Williams will get to tell his story in Congress.

BP Deepwater Horizon Wellhead: May 6 (Daniel Beltra, Reuters)

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