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Natural Gas: Not renewable, not clean, no panacea

June 14, 2010

While we have focused on BP’s massive oil spill in the Gulf, there are many other hazards and risks associated with fossil fuels. A new movie, Gasland dramatically portrays the problems — the Marcellus Shales in New York State — in close proximity to New York City’s water supply is one of the targets of gas companies along with parts of Pennsylvania and the mountains of the west. The movie is reviewed in the New York Times Environmental Blog. You can also see the trailer here. Gasland

Clearly we the need to accelerate the shift from our addiction to fossil fuels to energy efficiency, solar and wind and to economic systems that work with rather than against nature. As Gasland shows, when Big Energy rules the environment,  families, and democracy all fall by the wayside. See related stories below.

Marcellus Shale: Natural Gas Resource, NY Times

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