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Top 5 BP Videos: Blunders, Lies, and Everything In Between

June 15, 2010

Keon Monroe’s Top Videos on the BP Oil Disaster

Nearing almost 60 days with the BP oil spill still, the company has received an overwhelming amount of coverage. At times it appears they aim to be diligent in their cleanup effort, and other times, downright inane. Here’s our take on some of the best videos to date, listed in no specific order.

1. The Today Show – Tom Costello Questions Doug Suttles about walruses in BP’s spill plan

See 2:24. Walruses, according to Wikipedia, inhabit the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. Yet the arctic creatures are listed as threat in BP’s oil spill disaster plan. The video claims that BP cut and pasted from a previous oil spill plan where walruses were a threat. The plan also listed an emergency contact that had died five years before Deepwater Horizon was even built.

2.Yours Truly, BP (NRDC)

This video is an effort to galvanize action for a clean energy bill in Washington by this summer. Interesting contrast between BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward’s quotes and the reality shown in the clip’s photos. This is BP at its worst. Hayward said this spill is not just modest, but very, very modest. He’d also like his life back. His explanation for why the spill shouldn’t be worried about: the Gulf of Mexico is a big ocean.

3. Anderson Cooper 360 interview with Bob Dudley, BP Managing Director

Dudley says that 5,000 gallons a day leaking from the rig’s gusher “appears to be a reasonable estimate. He calls figures like 100,000 gallons very alarming and yet independent US scientists have recorded that almost 20 – 40 thousand gallons could be spewing. Cooper also asks why it takes so long for BP, nearly a month, to release a 30-second video clip. This was BP’s last appearance on CNN to date.

4. A Message from Tony Hayward.

He begins, the Gulf spill was a tragedy that never should have happened. Clearly the company also suspected it would never happen, with multiple failed attempts at pulling the gusher. Hayward ends by saying that he knows it BP’s responsibility to keep the public informed. Needless to say they’ve done a horrible job on this front, which leads into the next video about BP seemingly hiding information.

5. CNN Report: Is BP hiding dead wildlife from Media coverage?

An owner of a bird rescue facility says that under BP orders, he had to stop posting the figures of dead wildlife that had been collected. BP responded by saying that they only wanted there to be one source for retrieving those numbers. Now the public will have to inquire to BP’s media contact for that information.

Check out more BP news videos:

BP denies small business claims – Owners of small businesses attempting to file claims are given the runaround.

BP blocking media access? – Security guards hired by BP told a local news reporter he couldn’t interview cleanup workers, or even visit the coastline. They have since been removed.

Oil Leak’s Impact on U.S.-British Relations, Economics Examined – PBS Newshour brings in two experts to take a look at the interesting dynamic changing U.S. relations with Britain as a consequence of the spill.

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