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What if the BP Spill was off the Virginia coast?

June 28, 2010

A Movable Fiasco

Link to this nifty new site “If it was my home” . It has a map showing the size and intensity of the BP spill in the Gulf, but allows you to move the “spill zone” to your home or anywhere else. Try it out.

Our May 27, 201o post showed one of the offshore lease areas off the coast of Virginia. This site is “open for oil” due to President Obama’s March 31 decision that allows drilling off the mid-Atlantic coast. Although, the Interior Department suspended the permit process on the Virginia offshore lease in late May, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is not giving up. He has said that he wants to make Virginia the East Coast’s energy capitol and opposes cancellation of the lease. BP (Big Petroleum) will also mount heavy pressure to reopen the mid-Atlantic coast to drilling.

Map showing location of Oil Lease 220, just 50 miles off the coast.

Now go to the “If it was my home” site and move the spill to to locations along the mid-Atlantic shore, say Virginia Beach, VA,  Ocean City, MD or Nags Head, NC.   Wow.  Why risk it?

Offshore wind — a better choice. And the public strongly agrees!

Poll showing overwhelming support for wind over offshore oil along Mid Atlantic

A poll conducted by Monmouth County University showed overwhelming support for offshore wind as opposed to offshore oil. Summary article on the Conservation Report website.

Click chart for larger print.

Offshore wind farm: Source:

Watch for a forthcoming post on the large wind potential off the mid-Atlantic coast.


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