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Progressives March in Nation’s Capital this Saturday — Join us! News & Views of the Week

September 27, 2010

Join with Fellow Progressives:  Rally on Saturday, October 2: One Nation Working Together. Don’t let the Tea Party’s negation of economic justice steal the show. We have a lot to say: saving the middle class, policies that create jobs, and clamping down on Big Energy and Big Finance. Come and be part of this critical event at a critical time.

For more information go to: One Nation Working Together


Other News and Opinion:

Scotland has ambitious plan — 100 % renewable energy by 2025. See the article by Jasmine Greene.

With renewable power, Tocco da Casauria, in central Italy, produces more electricity than it uses, making money off the surplus. Photo: Dave Yoder, NY Times

Italian towns fight rising electric power rates with wind: See article in the NY Times by Elisabeth Rosenthal something extraordinary happening across Italy wind turbines are rising in Italian towns.   Read it here.


Aquaponics: Nature-based technology

Sweet Water Organics, an aquaponics company in Milwaukee, raises perch and leafy green vegetables. Photo by Jeff Redmon

Aquaponics is a new approach to urban farming which replicates the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants to produce fish and salad greens. Other partners are the shoppers and shop keepers who can sell the fresh foods close to the point of production. Ekos-Squared applauds this “eco-innovation.” The solutions lie in nature. See the NY Times article here. (By Genevieve Roberts)


The Lesson of the San Bruno Gas Explosion Ekos-Squared. You may be closer than you think to an aging natural gas transmission line. (Click on subtitle).


Appalachian Citizens Protest Mountain Top Removal at White House Today/Mass arrests – by Jeff Biggers, Common Dreams.

Why don’t they arrest coal company execs that cause irreparable harm instead?


Robert Reich, photo: Michael Collopy

The Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Gets Poorer, and the Democrats Punt by Robert Reich. Three cheers for the “People’s Economist.” To read click on title.


Passive home in Vermont will require zero heating See this NY Times video; building one is currently expensive; but will become cheaper as more builders get into the business and payback periods will grow shorter as the price of energy goes up.

Communities fight for wind power as alternative to mountain top mining for coal, NY Times Its on the same URL as Passive Home: Look on right hand column for link to Fight for mountain top video.

Toward a better future and real jobs

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  1. October 11, 2010 11:41 am

    Fabulous, passionate, informative, needed Blogs. Dr. Cole, you are a wise man. Keep writing.

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