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Ekos-Squared: News and Comment of the Week: Also Tea Party campaigns for continued abuse of puppies

October 8, 2010

WE HAD A GREAT RESPONSE TO OUR POST ON THE ONE-NATION MARCH. If you missed it click here: One-Nation March. We had several hundred hits. Our greatest disappointment , however, was the distinct lack of coverage by the big media outlets. Perhaps I was naive to think the March would make it to the front page of the Washington Post or New York Times. Secondly, the March generated commentary that ranged from the superficial to outright red-baiting of a kind we haven’t seen since the McCarthy period in the 50’s.

In the first category I single out an article on the March posted  in the Daily Beast, “Left-Wing Crazies Take Their Turn,” by John Avalon. Apparently this pathetic and blatant attempt by Mr. Avalon to sell his Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America did a great injustice to the many mainstream organizations that sponsored and came to the event — not to mention a great injustice to the profession of journalism. I can only wonder if he really was at the March. I didn’t see him there and if he did breeze by maybe it was in a helicopter.


John Avlon, an author hard up to promote his book.


What I saw was a lot of UAW workers, Transit workers and Teamsters (those guys who deliver), Machinists, all attempting to make the point that American workers need jobs. The NAACP brought bus loads of people to the rally. If Mr. Avalon considers those whom have struggled long and hard for civil rights to be wing-nuts I must assume he lives on another planet. He certainly doesn’t live on Main Street or on Side Street, the new locale for the shrinking middle class. The teachers unions and nurses with signs and speeches made elegant pleas on behalf of education and health. Are educators and nurses wing nuts? Before Mr. Avalon writes his next shameless promotion, he ought to take a good look at his character. If anyone out there knows Tina Brown, please tell her that this kind of pulp fiction can only hurt the Beast’s reputation as a trusted source of information and analysis. Mr. Avlon, if you’re out there, please comment.

I’m not going to say  much about the red baiting crowd. There growing more brazen, and if the Republicans take control of the House, they’ll grow even bolder (blood to sharks). And I wouldn’t call them wing nuts. They are well funded by corporate interests and wealthy elites who ( in the words of Warren Buffett) are fighting and winning a class war against the rest of America.

So let’s not let them take the House. Donate, work for progressive candidates, and keep marchin’.  HC

BP COMMISSION BLASTS ADMINISTRATION’S RESPONSE TO THE DISASTER. The chickens come home to roost. The Administration’s efforts to squelch bad news on the BP disaster are coming back to haunt it’s credibility.  The Commission’s critical reports were aired in major news outlets. See and hear good NPR coverage.

Ekos-Squared posted several articles during the spring and summer in which we pointed out the Administration’s attempts to downplay the size of the spill and its potential impacts. We highlighted a number of independent scientists who disputed the Administration’s estimates as being way on the low side. We also criticized the Administration’s rush to declare an end to the problem in August. For example, Carol Browner, the President’s Energy Czar, declared “”The vast majority of the oil has now been contained, it’s been skimmed, Mother Nature has done its part, it’s evaporated.”


Carol Browner the President's Energy Czar with President Obama.


Independent scientific institutes begged to differ. See the following posts for a review of the Administration past efforts to low ball the spill and its enduring impacts.





Organic farmer Nick Maravell with farms Montgomery and Frederick Counties


Last week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the appointment of five new members to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). We were delighted to see that our good friend Nick Maravell was appointed as one of the organic grower representatives to the board. Nick is one of the founding members of the Maryland Organic Farm and Food Association (MOFFA).  To see why we are thrilled at this appointment go to the Ekos-Squared Local Food and Farm Update Section. The page also has links to Nick’s farm.





Rachel Maddow:  The Chamber of Commerce’s donations to Republican candidates and the potential for foreign influence in American elections. Rachel at her best and a serious issue and one that may resonate with voters. Americans are concerned about the loss of jobs to some of the same countries that are donating to the Chamber. See Rachael here.


Tea Party in Missouri Campaigns against a bill that would stop the abuse of puppies by dog-rearing companies.  See Links:

Tea Party Opposes Puppy Mill Law

Party acivists in Missouri are fighting against a bill to outlaw the most cruel practices of the puppy mill industry. In their hyper-opposition to any and all regulation, here are the mandates that these Show-Me State right-wingers oppose:

Tea Party shows their true colors

  • Sufficient food and clean water.
  • Necessary veterinary care.
  • Sufficient housing, including protection from the elements.
  • Sufficient space to turn and stretch freely, lie down, and fully extend  his or her limbs.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Adequate rest between breeding cycles.”

Spread the word. It would be nice to know whom is funding their campaign.


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