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Tea Party activists violently attack progressive woman at Kentucky Senate debate / Take action now

October 26, 2010

Respond Now/ Sign the Petition / Join efforts to get out the vote for progressive candidates

See news and TV Video coverage here. Criminal charges against ex-Paul Rand associate Tim Proffitt.


Photo speaks for itself


Take Action Now:  Go to:  Bold Progressive Petition


Tea Party activists and the candidates they support (nicely funded by secret corporate donors) are working to gut Social Security, Medicare and many other government programs that benefit most Americans in the name of deficits. Yet they don’t seem to mind big subsidies and regulatory giveaways to the mega-corporations (that fund them).

As you know a goodly number of the T-Party crowd are running for office — their agenda turn back the clock.

Don’t get depressed, don’t let the polls stop you, take action: According to an article in the NY Times, get-out-the-vote drives are the best weapon in the Democratic arsenal to keep Republicans from taking the House. Let’s pull a big upset.

There are many opportunities to do get-out-the-vote calling:

MoveOn.Org has a good set up — you can go to a calling party or host one of your own. I just signed up. I did it in 2008 and enjoyed doing it and  meeting fellow progressives. Link to MoveOn Get-Out-the Vote.

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  1. Henry S. Cole, Ph.D. permalink*
    October 26, 2010 10:38 pm

    Moth Incarnate is our friend from Australia who publishes a terrific blog which tracks the anti-science, anti-evolution, climate-denier crowd and debunks their “evidence.” Go to his website by clinking on the
    permalink in his comment.

    Here is our question for “Moth”
    Is there similar political violence in Australia?

    Please comment back.


    • October 26, 2010 10:58 pm

      Cheers for the plug. I guess the anti-evolution is a relatively new addition to my blog, however it seems to fit well the the other forms of misinformation that I cover and having ecological training behind me, I cannot help but be concerned by acts of irrationality.

      I don’t think political violence of a similar nature (ie. liberal v. conservatives) is all too common. We’ve recently seen a lot of anger and fear (even a toy horse head being thrown at officials) in response to the new Murray Darling Basin Plan – which is set to increase ecological flows, reducing irrigation use – but that’s about it. Otherwise politics here is simply a lot of bark not unlike the school yard.

      There seems to be far more tribe/team passion in the US over politics than here and maybe that’s partly due to the voluntary system your way – to get people to vote, you really need to shake them up, rally them behind a cause or unified dislike for people X. Here, because it’s compulsory, it doesn’t seem as passionate – you have no choice so you may as well vote for the one you dislike least.


  2. October 26, 2010 7:51 pm

    That is appalling behaviour. That they need to resort to physical violence goes to show that their stance is not based on intelligence, but more on childish emotion.
    She seemed shook up, but at least not too injured, which is a benefit – but I really hope that bloke faces assault charges.

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