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November 9, 2010

A GOOD WEEK FOR FIRED PUNDITS: (The Sunday Spoof: Addendum)

Congratulations Keith

First MSNBC announced that Keith Olbermann is back on the air! This is a huge victory for the hundreds of thousands of folks who signed petitions demanding that the cable network put Olbermann back to work. It worked. He’s Back, stronger than ever. (This is for real, not spoof).


FCC annuls Fox/Murdoch’s hostile takeover of Ekos-Squared/Cole also Back.

In what may or may not be a related development, the Federal Communication Commission today acted to rescind Fox’s  takeover of the Ekos-Squared Media Corporation. In a 2-1 ruling, FCC concluded that the takeover was not “Fair and Balanced” and would result in “further monopolization of opinion by the Murdoch Empire.” (That i’ll be the day.) For background information see this LINK.

At a news conference at this Maryland farm Cole said, I just relieved and overjoyed to be back at the helm of Ekos-Squared and gratified at the amazing support.” According to Cole, he is taking steps to convert the blog back to private ownership to avoid further hostile take overs. “We’re here for the long run.” (This part is spoof.)

Cole with haircut back at the helm

Cole implored readers to stay tune for a forth coming  post on what Progressives can learn from the success of Tea Party activists. “Rather than belittle them, we need to take take back some of the very grassroots lessons that they took from us in the first place before we became wonks.”


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