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July 12, 2011

Thirty years to build the soils in harmony with nature

Save Nick’s Organic Farm

The battle to save Nick’s Organic Farm (Potomac,MD) is a microcosm of the struggle to save small, locally based, ecologically sound economies from the large corporations and their friends in government. Click on the websites to get more information and a video. If you know of a local energetic, motivated soul who fits the bill for the job position, please pass this along.

Thanks, Hank Cole

Nick Maravell a farmer with a deep respect for nature and its capabilities

Nick’s Organic Farm LLC has certified organic operations in Potomac and Buckeystown,MD, producing row crops, grass-based livestock, vegetables, seed, and animal feeds.  Farming organically since 1979, Nick Maravell, its owner, is nationally recognized and has been called on to testify at federal and state levels.  He has been active in national and state development of organic legislation and standards, organic research priorities, and organic marketing issues. Late last year, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack appointed Maravell to serve on the National Organic Standards Board, a panel of unpaid experts established by Congress to set organic industry policy.

The Issue: Executive ofMontgomery County,Maryland is proposing to replace a 31-year-old organic farm, operating on public land, allowing a private soccer organization to build non-public fields inPotomac,MD. The community is in an uproar—Nick’s Organic Farm isMontgomeryCounty’s only organic seed farm (one of a few in the entire Chesapeake region). It’s also strategically isolated and protected from cross-pollination by GMO crops grown on nearby conventional farms. Nick is a visionary who has developed a model ecological approach to farming. One day we will need such farms to feed the large urban populations sustainably. This farm is far too precious to tear down. The seed operation and the soil, under continuous organic management for last three decades, would take many years to replace. Dozens of area residents have rallied to save Nick’s Organic Farm and expand the scope of the working farm to include hands-on educational experiences for school children to learn about local food and agriculture.  For more information about the campaign, go to:



·             article;

·             video

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