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Media Projects & Presentations

Television / Documentaries: Dr. Cole provided advice, content and interviews for a number of pieces aired on television:

> Prince George’s County, Maryland Cable Channel’s  coverage of the environmental dangers of coal ash.

> Dr. Cole served as Science Adviser to Earth Focus a TV-based series on today’s pressing environmental issues including climate change, and the impact of development on traditional societies:

Deforestation and violation of human rights the world over: Cole posted a series of in-depth articles based on his trip to Armenia in 2012.See “Oligarchs are eating the forest”

save-teghut-protest-mining (1)

Protesters demonstrate against the

Resilience and abundanceeconomic lessons from nature and indigenous peoples  

Ecosystems are akin to highly resilient and abundant economies that have sustained themselves for millions of years. In contrast dominant global economies increasingly fail to provide for basic human needs, are destroying ecosystems and traditional locally based societies. They also have become systemically unstable and vulnerable to rapid collapse. What might we learn from nature?  Link article/documentary film synopsis.   Presentations:

  • Keynote: Maryland Organic Farm & Food Association Annual Conference, 2010
  • University of Wisconsin-Parkside 2010 Science Night 
  •  Clean Wisconsin Annual Conference Keynote 2011
  • Ecological Services Partnership Conference, Portland, OR, 2012.
  • Chesapeake Sustainability Institute/Brickyard Organic Farm, 2012.                                  

Works of Fiction and Humor by Hank Cole 

The Night of the Living Heartless:  A Halloween Online parody of  a real world happening in which a leading NY State Foreclosure Mill celebrated it massive earnings from foreclosures


They are not homeless, but got rich making a lot of people homeless

on mortgages with a costume party; the participants dressed up as street people who had lost their homes.

But don’t worry justice is served.



Judge Mather played by Sharman Thomas (Marine Sargent) a hero who put himself between NY City Policemen and Occupiers


Atonement: A humorous essay on Rachael Carson and Mosquitos

Rachel-CarsonRachel Carson, we owe her much gratitude for her work & her forbearance in the face of a nasty campaign by the chemical industry to discredit her.
National Geographic Image Collection
covered with mosquitos

Just desserts: to see why click on title, above.



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