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Henry S. Cole & Associates: Scientific Support

Henry S. Cole & Associates (HCA), founded in 1993, provides scientific support for client efforts to protect and restore the environmental health of communities.  Our clients include national environmental organizations, plaintiff’s attorneys, community organizations and indigenous communities.  Our mission help communities reduce exposures and risks to environmental pollutants, to preserve ecosystems, and to redevelop in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial. See additional information. 

Examples of recent projects

  •  The Moapa Band of Paiutes, of southeastern Nevada, lies a few thousand feet downwind from the Reid Gardner Power Plant. The highly toxic coal ash from the plant’s landfills periodically inundates the Moapa community. Residents believe that numerous illnesses are connected to their exposure.  Cole has been retained by the Earthjustice (Sierra Club Legal group) to provide advice to the Moapa Paiutes Environmental Department’s on a sampling and analysis program to determine potential exposures.  The analysis revealed coal ash related contamination in a number of homes.

Moapa ash plume

  • The Aamjiwnaang First Nation’s territory in Sarnia, Ontario, is by petrochemical plants which emit large quantities of toxic chemicals into the air. Cole is retained as an expert witness by    Ecojustice (Canadian environmental advocacy law firm) in a suit which challenges the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s failure to consider the cumulative impacts its issuance of permits.
  •  Successful effort to stop a Mega-gas station, Maryland: Cole provided critical expert testimony on the air pollution impacts of a large mega-gas station proposed for a residential area of Montgomery County, MD. The County’s Planning Board, Hearing Examiner, Appeals Board, and Circuit Court have all ruled against the gas station based in part, on potential health effects of gas station and traffic related emissions.
  • Successful effort to stop a Hot Mix Asphalt plant from a community location (Braeside, Ontario). Cole provided expert testimony on the proposed facility’s adverse environmental impacts including emissions and odors.









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